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Solo Flute in oxbow, riverine tunery. "Dogs on Rope" nudges the familiar in snazzy syncopation, bodhran neatly tucked behind the beat, but slips the leash into dreary cyberspace. Jean-Michel's dips to a pleasant furriness, beautifully developed with whistles, and nips of triangle and uilleann pipes. Greeny lays back ino a tedium of clip-clops, and the finale Home Time's discordant guitar gives a Hey Jude jazzy feel that is made real by harmonica by altering the mood. Mayock has total control, and her team weaves an ingenious backcloth upon which she stitches pastels superbly, but brazenly blindfolded. Polished Teflon, yes, but in her ornament of passionate breath-dynamics, terrifically-sustained tone, and relentless energy she breaks flute out into a new world.
Fintan Vallely