Merry Bits of Timber <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" background="images/woodbground.jpg"> <tr><td><ol align=left> <li>The Maids of Selma,Fahy's <li>The First Month if Spring,the Flathunters <li>Great Denmark Street<font size=-2><a href="audio/Etrack3.mp3">listen(336kb)</a></font size> <li>John Doherty's, Charlie McKerron's, the Antrim Rose <li>C&#250;l na Gr&#233;ine, the Green Gowned Lass <li>The Price of my Pig,the Policeman's Holiday<a href="audio/Etrack6.mp3"><font size=-2>listen(434kb)</font size></a> <li>The Changelings, Out on the roof <li>Katherine O'More<a href="audio/Etrack8.mp3"><font size=-2>listen(554kb)</font size></a> <li>The Jailcross <li>Gan Ainm,the Leg in the Ditch, the Bunch of Green Rushes<a href="audio/Etrack10.mp3"><font size=-2>listen(420kb)</font size></a> <li>Gaoth Barra na dTonn<a href="audio/Etrack11.mp3"><font size=-2>listen(647kb)</font size></a> <li>John Doherty's,the Fairy Hurlers <li>Mother's Delight,the Tacit reel <li>Jig na Mire,April Fool,the Early Morning </ol></td></tr> <tr><td align=center><h3>Musicians</h3> <dl><dt>Emer Mayock - Flute, Whistle<br> Donal Siggins - Mandola, Banjo<br> Kevin O'Connor - Fiddle<br> Eamonn O'Leary - Guitar<br> Robert Harris - Bodhr&#225;n, Dejimbe<br> Mick Kinsella - Harmonica<br> </dt></dl></td></tr> </table>

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